Sunday, September 5, 2010

In Memory: Brian Colby

Brian and I in Kuwait before crossing into Iraq, March 2003

I lost a brother today and it still doesn’t seem real to type these words. I’ve known and seen loss and grief and anguish, but mostly in those around me. That’s what war does to you—to others, a fate I, or others close to me—have been lucky to avoid.

Brian Colby meant a lot to me and there were countless more to whom he meant much more. When I think of Brian, I remember the nights we slept next to each other under the stars in the Iraqi desert and the long talks we had about life and family and music and the Army and war. Too many patrols, too many memories and conversations--many of them shared at my 13Stoploss blog. 

Chalk up another win for the War Machine. It just goes to show that once the war is won and over, the effects linger. 

John and Brian in Najaf, Iraq, March 2003

LT and Brian in Kuwait, March 2003

Brian in Mosul, Iraq, April 2003

Brian in Karbala, Iraq, March 2003. Directly after this picture, Brian took out his bayonet and cut out Saddam's canvas face. 

Brian and I, i our MOPP gear, March 2003, Najaf/Kufa, Iraq after our first midday patrol