Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Man on Campus, and Cool Toys

by 13 Stoploss

Go here. Read what I wrote. If you feel like it, comment as well.

So. These are my speakers. Aren't they huge and great?

Ok. I know what it looks like. I've got one of those old, heavy TV's on a busted-up horseshit-n-splinters entertainment center. It sucks. I know. You don't need to mention it. Also, it looks like crap. I know. You don't need to mention it. But yes, that is a Sega Genesis. And a Super Nintendo. And a Wii. And, no, that's not all. In the shadows are a Nintento Entertainment System, a Nintendo N64, a Sega Master System, a Sega Dreamcast, and a Sony PS2. Don't forget the Pioneer Elite VSX-37TX stereo at volume -13. 120 watts into those massive quadruple 12" monsters from 9.5 feet viewing/hearing distance is enough to kill a man. Well, his ears that is.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that when this stoploss money comes, someday, eventually, it's going to look pretty nice in there with a Plasma mounted on the wall and a new entertainment enter not falling over. Plus, the speaker grills are being refurbished, so there's that too.

So, the video. You can't tell, but it's fucking loud as shit. If you have headphone, plug them into your computer. If you have a subwoofer for your computer, turn it up and then turn up the volume. Of course, realize that the audio is coming straight into a cheap digital camera with a lousy, tiny microphone. That's why you can't hear how high the highs are. That's why I am yet unable to murder your ears on the internet. I'll figure it out soon enough though, like when I get that stoploss money and buy that 1000 watt amp. Yeah. That's going to rock.


Kyle S said...

Outstanding, as always. The article is very close to my experience. Unfortunately, I look older than my age and was asked many times if I am a professor. Now I am finished, I realize how much I missed with my kids, focusing more on school work rather than paying attention to the details of them growing and learning. Good on ya, man. Look forward to the next one!

Pattie Matheson said...

OK, well, Not gonna pretend I know what all that stuff is tho I'm sure I've seen some of it at my son's house. The SPEAKERS however, those are awesome and remind me of what my husband sent home from Vietnam.

And yeah, those TV's are HEAVY! Mine went with my son in his Navy days and got dropped in one of his moves...rainy day in Bremerton, WA, bunch of (probably hungover) sailors trying to maneuver the outside stairs, the outside concrete stairs. Needless to say it was never the same :).....


Pattie Matheson said...

Just read your piece in the paper - enjoyed many a chuckle and was warmed by fond memories.

17 units! Dude, you rock! I used your TU/TH method every spring so I could go to the beach M-W-F-S-S ;) Those 7:30 AM classes were tough but doable when I lived on campus.

I so admire your devotion to your family. When I was a new (single) mom I came across something that said, in essence, 20 yrs from now it won't matter if the dishes weren't done on time. I took the advice to heart and modified it some as he got older and HE needed to get chores done. Until he grew into a high schooler we played a lot. Caves & backpacks, mine dumps & rock hammers, fossils & dental picks, pot shards & petroglyphs, campfires & best friends, when he directed "movies" in the backyard we did movie marathons in town - our record was 5 in one day. One looong day.

And here's the thing: instead of maintaing my reputation as a great housekeeper, I have a ton of memories & photos I wouldn't trade for anything. ANYTHING.

Just writing this has started memories tumbling thru my mind - one of my favorites, my picture of him sitting atop a mountain with his camera taking a picture of the valley below. Yup. Oh-so-worth-it...


Kyle S said...

Very wise words, Ms. Pattie. Thanks!

bigD said...

Hi Jason,
The article was wonderful. You and Mrs. 13 have quite a balancing act going there. But, hey, that's what having a family is all about and you are still young, so you've got the energy level required to do all that stuff. It will always seem like the kids have more energy than you do and sleep is always at a premium.

Those little ones will grow up so quick! I can't believe that little baby Evelyn is already six months old. Keep juggling those babies and books, doing your homework and changing those doodie diapers. Do your best to keep is all straight. If the babies start looking jaundiced, you've been highlighting the babies and not the books. Take good care Jason. Tell Professora 13 I send my best wishes. I think of all of you often.