Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stoploss Backpay Compensation Update 5

by 13 Stoploss

VetVoice has the goods, via Stars and Stripes, if you were still waiting (of course you are). Apparently this ordeal wasn't funded, and those funds didn't become available until November 19 (incidentally, the end of my own 8-year military service obligation). Of the one-hundred and twenty thousand soldiers and veterans eligible, only 264 will be paid by next week. After that, branches will be submitting applications to DFAS every week, potentially by the thousand.

Richard Smith begs an important question at the end of his note, and it's worth repeating here: if your case manager sent you the email saying your months do not match what is on record, why were we submitting an application if DA already had our records?

My unresearched guess is that top official A at DA had a deadline to meet (October 21) and no funds available. Wouldn't want everything to run smoothly when there are no funds. So, have the soldiers continue on and let things sort themselves out--the soldiers who apply will fuck it all up, and blame will be shifted to them instead of DA. Then, once the money comes, things will naturally unfuck, and some tireless schmuck at DA or DFAS will take credit for giving the soldiers their money. End of story and I have a new 50" Plasma on my wall in January instead of for Christmas. Oh well...

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Sounds like a reasonable explanation. z