Monday, December 14, 2009

Bachelor of Arts Gripe

by The Usual Suspect

There is no conspiracy to control TV programming to keep the masses stupid. They put something on TV, you decide to watch it or not. If you watch it, advertisers throw money at it, to make more of it, to get you to watch more, get to know those products more in the meantime, and many families are fed through this process. Capitalism fuckin' rules.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to cry "conspiracy" as much as the next guy, because that shit is FA-SCI-NATING, but it sounds more like a go-to excuse for failed creative types that just talked about doing great things instead of actually doing the hard, mundane bitch work that goes into creating incredible things. Then again, it somehow became a common pattern to assume that success is predetermined by the fates, and if it isn't handed to you, all laid out like the Yellow Brick Road, complete with ever-loyal pals to guide you the whole way, well...then it just wasn't meant to be.

Bullshit. That just means that your spare time is being wasted. Fuck paycheck to paycheck wage slaving, I don't have kids or major responsibilities yet, I'm gonna go back and kick college in the dick for a bit. Finish the job Clint Eastwood style.


Anonymous said...

Inertia, lack of motivation, lack of self-esteem... these are real enemies. Learning how to shape yourself into what you want to be is a challenge that lasts forever.
Keep plugging away at it, don't get pissed at yourself if things don't flow into place like magic. They didn't give you that 30% disability for grins. This is a real thing, like learning how to walk even though it hurts. You've gotta get some where anyway, just keep moving... you'll get there!!! z

13 Stoploss said...


- makes me smile
- inspires me
- kicks ass

membrain said...

That's what I like to hear. If you and your big mouth finish this in the style of the Man from Malpaso then you'll have accomplished something special.

The Usual Suspect said...

Fuckin' A. Time to wear t-shirts over long sleeve shirts.

Jason, you like Dethklok, check out Amon Amarth, a melodic death metal band with a viking theme. Awesome.

Check out:

"Live For The Kill"
"Where Silent Gods Stand Guard"
"Thousand Years Of Oppression"
"Twilight Of The Thundergod"

They really like that Odin guy.

KathyB said...

Yes, indeed. Thank you for this early Christmas present post :>)

13 Stoploss said...

ha, I've been wearing the same t-shirt over the same long sleeve shirt for a week...

don't smell yet. no stains that I can see.

still good. :)

but don't forget the beanie.

bigD said...

Having 13 & Suspect on the same blog is like having Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one! :) Whenever and whatever you guys post makes me happy in one way or another so thanks for that gift.
Go's your birthday.

I would like to see photographic evidence of the t-shirt over the long sleeve shirt look please. (Although I thought that look was actually quite a few years old. Is this still standard college wear?) Also, Jason, what is this beanie of which you speak?

Ryan, I am excited that you are taking another run at the college thing. "Kick it" wherever you want, but, make it count! The bastard deserves a good foot in the ass every now and then anyway. College is always way to big for it's proverbial britches.

God(s) bless you Ryan. You always make my day.

Liz said...

"...just talked about doing great things instead of actually doing the hard, mundane bitch work that goes into creating incredible things."

Yes. Perfect.

You are extraordinary.