Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Way Of The Gun

by The Usual Suspect

One thing that still sticks with me is my distrust of people around me, and the diminished sense of safety that comes with it. I see malice in people that are probably very nice once you start talking to them. I see car thieves and muggers. I see psychotic drivers of large gas-hogs that will turn a road-rage altercation into a Mad Max death run. I've stepped into a wasteland that only I can see.

So I did what I've wanted to do since I first got back. I bought a gun.

I haven't fired it yet, and still haven't even applied for a concealed carry permit. I hardly ever put it in the car when I go somewhere, and it's never actually on me. But it's a little peace of mind.

For fourteen months I was always armed. Everywhere I went. It was within arms reach when I slept. It followed me to the shitter. To the laundry point. The PX. The chow hall. The phones. The motor pool. Always on me. Out in sector, it was always ready. No matter what happened, I had that rifle. I had what I needed to give myself a fighting chance.

Once that was gone, I felt like a walking bullseye.

For most people, just the sight of a handgun is enough to make them think twice. I think everyone should be armed. See how many college kids someone can massacre when the students return fire. Guns are for people who don't assume that nothing bad can happen or that there will always be someone to bail you out. Levels the playing field. Peace through superior arms, just like that novelty t-shirt.

People fear guns. The thought is almost something to gasp at. Walk around your house and start counting all the objects in it that you could use to kill someone. Quite a bit huh? But the word "gun" tightens the sphincters of the general populace.

The upside is that most people are generally good, non-violent, and just like you, they just want to do their things. Get to where they're going. I just don't think I'll ever stop looking for the small percentage that isn't so passive. You need to be able to protect yourself.

Then again, my trunk is full of first aid and survival gear, to include surgical bandages and a tourniquet, so maybe I need to lighten up. Bullshit. Better to be prepared and untested than caught with your pants down. We're domesticated over here. We send the young men elsewhere to become a little more animalistic. There is a degree of isolation to being a vet it seems.


Anonymous said...

and just what type of gun did you get? I had to sell my HK USP .40 to pay for classes. . .It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Suspect...It's called being paranoid. Please don't take it too seriously. People aren't any bigger assholes now than when you joined...did you need a gun then?
Sweetie, society doesn't want to do you physical harm. It's after your soul, and your earned income. A gun can't protect you from that. Good to hear from you!! z

Anonymous said...

There are life events that burn themselves into your being.

My hubby is NEVER without a flashlight, because it is damn dark in an aircraft carrier when the lights go out.

I always have a coat, a candle, water and food in my car because of the time I spent waiting for Mobile Maintenance at 20 below.

Our son has a carry permit, and often carries. It fades over time, some of it.


membrain said...

I'd get a gun to and a carry permit.

The man has a gun
He knows how to use it
Nine millimeter browning
Lets see what he can do
Hell point at your mouth
Say that hell blow your brains out
Dont you mess with me
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Dont you mess with me
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Dont mess with me
Ooohhh, carrying a gun
Get over there
Move slowly
Ill put a hole in your face
If you even breathe a word
Tell the lady to lie down
I want, ah, you to be sure to see this
I wouldnt want you to miss a second
Watch your wife
Carrying a gun
Shooting with a gun
Dirty animal

Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Watch you face
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
The animal dies with fear in his eyes
With a gun
Dont touch him, dont touch him
Stay away from him, hes got a gun


dreadcow said...

I thought I was the only person that kept an old SAW pouch with medical supplies in the trunk of his car... good to know I'm not alone.

You gotta stop using the word "gun." It's a vile term only to be used when talking about machine guns or shotguns. I much prefer the term "firearm." Gun is so crude... I blame those who are against the Second Amendment for vilifying the word. Come on, be snooty and say "firearm," you know you want to.

Also, carry permit classes are a cinch for people like us; I speak from experience.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you don't even have to be a vet to do stuff like that. It's tough to teach your kid to keep a pair of sturdy shoes, water, a warm layer in the vehicle if they haven't needed it. Hurricanes, earthquakes, break-downs in the desert...that stuff can change how you do things. The most important survival plan of all: what do you do when you when you can't pay the bills? I guess it's called a "life plan." Crunch time, children! z

Jean said...

You sound a bit edgy.

FOX3 said...

I too have purchaced a firearm, multiple actually. Handguns, rifles, shotguns and one beautiful "M-4". I don't have a SAW pouch, I have a small ALICE pack with survival gear. You're not parinoid, maybe annoyed but you know what it's like to go with out. "Pack light, freeze at night" was my mantra