Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amniotic Shudders

by The Usual Suspect

Not even fully cleared out of the Army's grasp, I'm already fighting my own fight on two fronts. ETS and get set up for school.

It's time, it's been time for a long time, dammit. Ready to snatch every offer, hand-out, and opportunity, I've got a goal. Freedom. It's mine, I WANT it.

Phone calls, e-mails, classified ads. Who wants a roommate with some (supposedly) guaranteed GI Bill money, guaranteed rent? Hell, five years ago I would have completely and utterly blown it. Pissed it away like yesterday's gin. Not now, God no. I earned it, it's mine, GIVE IT TO ME and get out of the fucking way. Slap a yellow ribbon on my ass and point me towards a lecture.

Unemployment? Shit job? Delivering pizzas? Being an entry level bottom feeder again, well I gotta tell ya, sounds like a greasy pimply slice of Heaven. The kind of jobs where all your co-workers are like walking caricatures of minor characters from The Simpsons, I'm all right with that. It's freedom, that's what it means. It's a return to everything I stuffed into the darkest corner of a storage closet with one fell swoop of an electronic pen in some lifeless MEPS station.

Only now I know better, take it seriously. Close your eyes and see a place worse than any ghetto in this country, and it's all you should need to fuel the fire. Never to step foot in that place again, it's almost like I have to earn it. Earn the right to stay here by becoming smarter, more capable, sharper, stronger, desiring more, living hard and reaching maximum potential and raising the standard of what man should be. Fuck. Yes.


bigD said...

Hi Ryan,
I like the idea of you and Jason sharing your adventures in academia here on the same site. That should make for some stellar compare and contrast term papers.

Let me say again, I am so HAPPY for you. It is good to be working on something YOU want for a change, right? It sounds like your are very motivated and energized. (What will happen to the old piss & vinegar Suspect? Will he go into retirement?)

I hope you enjoy the hell out of every moment of jump starting the "New Adventures of the Usual Suspect." Help yourself to a big slice of that greasy pimply Heaven!!

Ryan, never doubt that you have already earned the right to stay here in the land of good and plenty! You have earned it so much more than any of the Simpson caricatures that will be attending school and working with you.

You are off to a great start. You have a plan and you're working it..."becoming smarter, more capable, sharper, stronger, desiring more, living hard and reaching maximum potential and raising the standard of what man should be." Ryan, I have no doubt you will achieve beyond even your wildest dreams.

Fuck. Yes. :P

P.S. - You may have to put a lid on the swearing while you are in class.

P.S.S. - Have you picked out your backpack yet?? It's exciting!

God(s) bless you Ryan. When will you be officially de-Armyfied?

membrain said...

All the best Suspect. Get back to Tokyo some day and bring us with you.

NUGHT said...


Anonymous said...

Yes. Just remember that nothing is linear. I am so glad you are out of there!! It's going to reach out for you at times, but each time you're going to get a little farther away. You're young, smart, and strong, and you got a good ride coming up!!! z

Anonymous said...

I'm with Membrain. -SB

Anonymous said...

WORD UP? How much teh gay you nut grabbing little biatch.

Anonymous said...

Nice job reporting to us about your new adventures in life. You are awesome!

AirmanMom said...

This is my first visit to your blog, I will return to read you again soon!

Bill Wabbit said...

Be sure to cash in on the new GI Bill, it takes effect in August and you can apply today.

red said...

Great to see you still on the tubes Suspect. Hopefully college life will keep you awake- not as much adrenaline. Enjoy, Suspect.